Saturday, December 15, 2012

Silver is here...

So Silver has arrived... She's is pretty nervous and scared and not feeling super well right now.  After a stressful trip up from California, over night in Western Washington and then a ride up the mountains to be handed over to me - she finally made it to Yakima at 1pm today.  Quick trip to the vet, a bath, some food and water and she is exhausted and probably wanting to know what is going to happen next!

The meet and greet with Sasha went well, and the potty trips out in the SNOW, she did pretty good out there.  She keeps sitting in the snow, but she seems to go okay with the coldness.  Now she is sleeping in a little doggie bed all warm and cozy.   I saw the tiniest big of play in the snow, the result being snow in her face and she's a goofy runner.... Can not wait for here to feel better and relax, knowing she is safe.

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