Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Show Me Those Pearly Whites!

So Shorty is all back to normal after his cookie dough adventure and onto new adventures...

Look how happy he is!!!  Okay, that was really just Cassie messing with him, but look at those cute little teeth! 

He's also starting to sit for me... So it took a bit for him to get it, but I'm hoping now that he's figure out sit - he will be a sitting champ in the next day or two and we can start teaching him new things!

supervising while I make a blog post... he's kind of stalkery don't you think?
 We've also found that he likes to have his crate covered... I have him in a wire crate and he sleeps better with it covered and doesn't even mind if you get up during the night and stays sleeping even... He doesn't even try to pull in the blanket or mess with it anyway.  I think he likes it dark and cozy. 

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