Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shorty Sweetness

How can you just not love this little face?  Shorty is quickly becoming comfortable in the house... We found that he is a great jumper and can easily jump the baby gate into my daughter's room where our cat spends more of her time... however, he doesn't bother her and just mainly wants to check things out.. oh and he can't jump back out and cries to be let out...

He is also using the doggie door on his own... I didn't housetrain him at all - he kind of figured it out on his own and or came with some housetraining... I do take him out on regular breaks but he goes in and out a few times as needed... Wonderful!

He is kind of crazy with the leash walking... Does some spins and is worried that you are not with him... treats are a must when walking to keep him focused... He worries about cars (part of our walks are on a busy street) but he is getting used to the noise and activity and gets better and better!

I love this picture of me and Shorty playing with a toy!

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  1. Man, you get some of the CUTEST foster dogs...he's almost as cute as Sammy!!!!!