Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shorty Shines

Cute little Shorty - he's really learning to trust us and finally staying still enough to get some cute pictures!  He also is letting me rub his belly on a regular basis with no worries.  He loves to play and is learning the joy of defuzzing tennis balls (way better for him and less messier than the paper towel roll he found a few days ago) and also likes those no stuffing toys.  Not a huge fan of the squeakers but doesn't dislike them either...   He is showing himself to be trustworthy in the house and potties outside with the doggie door and doesn't even come begging for treats (though he gets them anyway!) He wishes Sasha would play with him and tries maybe once a day but so far, no go.  They do hang out together and sniff things in the backyard though....

  Here Shorty is saying hello to our cat Sasha... She prefers to say hi and leave me alone sideways!

 Snuggles with Cassie!  He loves to give kisses!

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