Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shorty and Cookie dough

This is Shorty eating some yummy frozen pumpkin..... Pumpkin I actually grew this summer, so YUMM!.

Why is Shorty eating pumpkin?  Huh... He helped himself to some cookie dough last night (ahem... Cassie) that was set down in the living room and it hasn't agreed with him.. He let me know a few times last night that he needed to go out... He's never cried in his crate so when he did at 4 in the morning for a potty break and again at 6, I knew he was having some issues.. Poor thing... but some time, trips outside and pumpkiny goodness should put him straight again.  And keeping goodies up high and out the way too!  Cause he is fast into getting into food he shouldn't! :)

Feeling better, Shorty grabbed the prized purple toy he stole from Sasha and settled down for some gnaws and chews... He really uses his paws to grab onto things - like a monkey almost!  They can really grab onto toys, sticks, your leg...   It's cute but keeping his nails short is a must! 

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