Monday, December 24, 2012

Naughty or nice!?

Silver must be getting comfortable because she's getting a little naughty and right at Christmas time too!... She's doing some jumping on tables but she listens very well when when i tell her to get down along with a down hand motion... Nice tries little one!

I'm not sure what Sasha is more annoyed at, that Silver is too close to the remote (her favorite thing to lay on) or that Silver is attempting to snuggle up to her... maybe a combination of both... Silver is so nice and sweet though...she just keeps working on Sasha to love her... I think its working a little bit... Sasha just needs some holiday spirit!

Silver went over to my friends and met Sheriff and Sadie tonight... She did super... actually better than I expected... A little time on my lap but then she was off and hangng out with the big dogs... She met a cat and was fine... She took pets from everyone from their 7 year old daughter to hanging out with Nate when the activity in the dining room was a little too much for her.  She didn't let anyone hold her - too nervous for that, but super curious and interested and wanting to be part of the action. Way to go!

I think they are all hoping for treats!

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