Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

7 foster dogs came through my house this year...  
My second year as a NR foster parent so I made this poster collage for my wall...

Simone (bottom middle) who was my first of the year after a break, full of 6 month old puppyness, she found joy in our first snow of the season.. She also liked to sleep butt higher than the rest of her... I didn't have her for very long but she was a sweet and fun and a great welcome back to the world of fostering- now living life as Sammy in Oregon

Sophie (bottom second from the right), little tiny thing, lover of all tennis balls, she was funny and goofy and just adorable with her little head tilts. She also would see her tail out of the corner of her eye and chase it like a maniac She is now Lakia living down in the TriCities with her fur sibling who she just loved at first sight!

Sheldon (upper left), oh Sheldon, easy going happy little boy, he could escape out of any crate you didn't triple lock, however - would jump in a box of anything whether is be toys or fabric or just empty needing a dog to be in it!  He is now on the westside with great parents. 

Sammy (upper middle) Sammy will always have a extra special place in my heart, first time with two foster dogs at once, he just made it so worth it,,  he was a just a blessing... scared and sick when he came to me, I watch him bloom over the many months he was in my care...from skin infection to completely healthy, from droppey ears to erect confident ears... now he is Jake and he has a great home (and recently a new fur sibling) with wonderful parents in eastern wa who are continuing to bring out the very best in him and love him to pieces - all I could ask for!

Skittles (upper left) was in my care for a few months, so nervous, underweight and malnourished, once comfortable we were treated to his daily army crawling around the house.  heartbreaking how anxious he was when he first got a bully stick,  just wanting to hide it and then the joy of watching him become comfortable enough to settle in for good chew... He is now with a great mom in western wa who spoils him rotten but also working with him on some of his fear issues. 

Shorty, (lower left) I didn't have for long either, but he was love bug, nervous but willing to try new experiences and meet new people and meet other dogs!.. He loved going out and around the town and just was curious about everything - he is now Solo and is part of a family in western wa, with human brothers and he gets to meet and play with lots of other dogs.

Silver, (bottom right), still in my care, so nervous and skittish, we founds that she had her ears plugged up with ickyness and couldn't hear very well.. she continues her journey in coming out of her shell and learning that life isn't so scary... I am sure there will be good things in store for her in the coming year!

As year two as a New Rattitude foster parent comes to a close, I'm so happy for all the now former fosters finding their homes and wish for them warmth and joy and good bones to chew!  I'm excited for the new year and all the new beginnings I get to be a part of...

People often say they couldn't foster because it's too hard.. it's not that it isn't hard sometimes to let go and these little ratties don't get in your heart to different degrees, but what other way could you be part of seeing so many dogs get a new chance at life, to have them in your home, scared and nervous and to see them gain confidence and trust and be happy,  to see them go to great homes and then to hear the wonderful updates that just make your day..or even week...   If you are thinking about it... try it.. the payoff is worth it.. :)  Okay... enough that's enough sappiness to take me well into 2013 I think!  Time to celebrate!

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