Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Wishes for Silver...

Silver is getting a little more trusting of us... She's still a little bit skittish and nervous, but she follows us around..well, like a puppy dog!  She follows Sasha around too.  She's starting to come up to us for treats and pets.  And she's resting closer and closer to us... I'm sure we will have her snuggling in no time.  She's got the prettiest markings - and I think her black spots on the back look like little angels wings..don't you?

Bully stick for a treat and it was good to see her happy and chewing... She is quiet as a mouse in her crate at night, waiting for me to get up - then breakfast and out to potty.   She's so serious usually around us as she takes in her surroundings..She needs lots of joy, which we are going to work on giving her!  It's my Christmas present to her and helping finding her a wonderful home to feel loved and safe and where she can play all she wants and enjoys snuggles and kisses..

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