Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Burrito Snuggles

We volcanoed Skittles, a previous foster , but we found that Silver likes to be wrapped up like a burrito!  It seems to relax her and make her feel a bit safer...And she's fun to carrying around like that.   She also likes to snuggle under the blankets... She hasn't figured out the sleep sack yet, but give her time... (and I'll get pictures)

She is coming along... She's starting to give us kisses and letting us pick her up... She even napped in my lap yesterday.  Today she did some rattie zoomies in front of Sasha to show her how cute she is and worth playing with.  And she was pretty cute though Sasha wasn't sure what this crazy puppy was doing and choose to keep an eye on her from up high....  (sigh...)

We are doing daily walks to get her more comfortable on the leash... and it's going..well.. it's going...  Small walks with encouragement and treats... She nervous on the walks and doesn't really want to go, but I'm hopeful once she gets familiar with the block's sights and sounds that it will get easier for her and she will enjoy the sight-seeing!

Lots of changes and new things wears a puppy out!

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