Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet and Greet!

I had dinner plans last night and Shorty got an invite too!  It was a pretty busy evening, lots of kids - lots of animals... I was worried it might have been a bit too soon given that he came only on Monday and hasn't had a chance to settle much, but he did super!  A little nervous, but loved the three kids who were there - they were between 5 and 11 and he really enjoyed giving them kisses...

He met 'black cat' a super non intimidated cat and he did well...a meet, some sniffs, a couple of barks and then they pretty much went back to ignoring each other...  He did do some snapping at Emery, a neighbors big grey weinheimer, but in fairness, she kept getting in his face and I'm pretty sure that was "back off" in dog language...any language really...

Shorty and I will be going over again - I just know he wants to play with the big dogs once he's a little more comfortable and secure and now that he has had a meet with them.  

A special shout out to Sadie (pictured) and Sheriff... This is the 13th foster dog I've brought over to them - they've put up with lots of butt sniffing, growling and various activities from all the fosters (and my own), have had some fun play, only had to check a few that were being to bossy, but they are good, calm and respectful dogs and I just love them!  They've given all my fosters a calm positive experience with bigger dogs :) 


  1. He's adorable. He looks like he could be Jake's brother from another mother! LOL

  2. Doesn't he? He's a little darker brown and a little shorter, but I totally agree! I was thinking we should do a play date - they would be so cute together!