Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guess Who is Coming to Town

My newest foster - his name is Shorty.  He already had that name so I kept it cause it's an S name!  He's 10 months and 10 lbs, obviously friendly and tolerant of other dogs by this picture.  He looks quite a bit like my previous foster Sammy.  He currently is in California and will be up here in Washington by Friday... then a trip over the mountain to me!  I'm happy he will be to my house just in time for Thanksgiving and an extra long weekend to get to know him and hopefully puppy kisses!!


  1. OMG!!! Could he be a long-lost relative of Sammy/Jake? He looks just like him! He even has a big brown spot on his behind! WOW!!! LOL

  2. I know right? I'm thinking playdate! :)