Sunday, November 4, 2012

Do A Little Dance!!!

So Skittles doesn't know it yet, but it's time to do a little dancin'!  He's hit the jackpot and found himself a family.  He will have a new mom, who is beyond in love with little Skittles and two cat siblings.

It was great timing... While I have had Skittles for quite a few months, we just couldn't find the perfect fit for him.  Then my kitchen needed to go under some remodeling so we were transferring him over to the west side while that was happening to not stress him out with all the home activity... And right as that was happening, an application came in on that side of the mountains and he was able to do a home visit and meet her and the cats... It just seemed to come together perfectly! 

Happy Days for Skittles!


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! I'll have to give Jake the good news his foster sibling found his forever home. I'm sure he hopes he's hit the jack pot like he has. I'm sure he'll get spoiled rotten too!

  2. Oh Skittles I'm dancing too! Can't wait to bring you home!!!

  3. Oh yes Cris, Skittles will be a very spoiled little dog. I love him already and can't wait to love him forever!