Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mr Nibbles

So these were taken last week and I posted one, but they are so cute, I had to post the others!  Skittles is so tiny but he really nibbles on his toys with a lot of intent!  He's doing fine since Sammy left and him and my dog Sasha are getting along by ignoring each other.  The only difference I have noticed is that at night when he wants to go potty, he whines at me, rather than just going out the doggy door.  I think he's used to the company since Sammy followed him all the time.  I don't mind being lookout for him though!  

How is Sammy?  Sammy is settling in with his new people as he gets to know them.  He's a little nervous in their back yard (much more space than I had) but they are taking their time and letting him get to know the place.  I think before long he will be comfortable in his new digs and running the place! 

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