Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love me some Mud!

Sammy had a meet and greet with a prospective adoptive couple at the dog park today.  Both him and Skittles had fun with another dog - she was also named Sammy!  Her and Sammy did lots of play and got very dirty and muddy!  Skittles after about 10 minutes decided it was okay to play and did some running with them (and all did  a lot of peeing!)


Yumm... Mud!  I won't lie... Sammy ate some.  But at least he didn't lay in as the other dog did!
Sammy even played some tug with his female namesake over a freebee!  By the end of the visit, Sammy was DIRTY but happily exhausted!

  At home, Sammy suffered through the indignity of an outdoor bath in the kiddie pool but all clean, he got a good meal and settled under my craft table for a nice long nap (and a tennis ball)


  1. Ha, too cute! That picture of the other dog laying in the mud is classic.

    Our little Rattie, Midas, ate sand when we went to the beach. He stopped eating sand after his first "sand poop". Yikes.