Friday, June 22, 2012

While Foster Mom is Away, The Dogs will play...

I was gone for a few days for a work thing and Cassie got to hang out and babysit the dogs.  Looks like Skittles made himself right at home...and took a nap right on her!  I heard they were all well behaved while I was away and all had a good time. 

Cassie learned the importance of feeding the dogs in the right order (my dog, Sasha is used to getting her food first) and so there was a bit of an upset and free for all with all dogs gobbling up each others food and snarling during but once she got the routine down all was fine.   They got lots of play time and cuddles and kisses and I'm sure didn't miss me one bit!    Except maybe when she clipped their nails.  Skittles handled it like a champ but I hear Sammy was quite the drama queen about it.  But Thank You Cassie!  I appreciate it even if they don't. 

Skittles is starting to mellow and settle in.  Cassie got him and Sammy to even play a little tug.  Tonight, I even saw some running and playing between the two of them with Skittles starting the game.  It's nice to see Skittles start to feel comfortable and be able to share and interact.  And of course, Sammy is all in for a playmate at any time so he's a happy boy! 

you lookin' at me?
Cuddle time with his toy flea

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