Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Tutu Crue

Again, making the dogs were silly things...but darn they were cute running around in little tutus! Sammy kept spinning trying to eat his and Skittles seems to be saying - "It's hard to look dignified in this tutu but I'm trying!" (My dog Sasha knows the drill and she just wears it until I take it off)

Out on a walk today - Skittles is great on the leash, but he barked like crazy at a dump truck that went by - but other than that, he is just a mellow little walker, content to just walk by you.  Sammy is very excited on walks and curious about everything but he is getting better and treats will go along way in keeping his attention.   Teaching Sammy spin and he is learning quick and is very fast! (gets the treat sooner I think that way)

yeah, i'm licking the what?

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