Sunday, June 3, 2012

Skittles Speaks! Sammy Listens!

So Skittles has been pretty quiet as he has been adjusting to foster care, getting over his neuter and getting regular meals.  The first time he barked was early this week while I was eating... about scared me to death but it was just Skittles at my feet, I think asking for a bite!

 He will also bark a little in the morning when he wants to play.  He's got a cute little bark I think.  See here:  Skittles Speaks   Also more awesomeness... he's a howler - you can get him to do it, but he really does it on his own when he hears fire sirens.  I didn't get a video but I did get a couple of pictures of him and Cassie doing some night howling!

 Sammy actually played a little fetch with me this weekend which was super fun.  He also is starting to bring things to me when I ask him too.  He got a hold of a little craft thing (it had fallen on the floor) and was taking it away I'm sure to chew on it and I asked him to "bring it here" and he put in right in my hand!  Way to go Sammy!

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