Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skittles, Sammy and Food Goodness

Cute little picture of Skittles in mid-bark trying to boss me around.  He likes to let out just one bark if he feels like you are ignoring him and he wants up on your lap.    Skittle is settling in well... He is also letting up on the resource guarding from other dogs (never with people) when it comes to his food and treats and is able to now eat outside of his crate and also in sight of other dogs without barking and growling and being more worried that someone will take his food than eat it!    Way to go little man!

Here is Sammy actually watching Skittles who has a bone that he is gnawing on... Can't you just see the want in poor Sammy's eyes?   Sammy was such a good boy and just waited until Skittles was done and then it was all his!!! 

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