Sunday, June 24, 2012

Skittles and Sammy Gettin' Along

Funny short video of Skittles kicking the grass after pottying... Skittles and Sammy Outside

Got a video of Skittles playing with a toy... So cute and such progress with this little man who is now getting comfortable and feeling secure enough to play in the same room with other dogs.  He still is not a huge fan of sharing space with two other dogs, but he's getting a bit better everyday  Skittles Playing with Toy

And the real progress of the week was watching Skittles and Sammy play and chew on the same toy... I've even gotten them to play tug a few times.  They were doing really well until Sammy got a little greedy with the toy  Sammy and Skittles playing  but as you can see in the video, Sammy doesn't react back.  Oh and the barking in the background is my dog Sasha wanting the ball thrown while I was taking this video!

Sammy just napping waiting for his perfect family to come find him! 


  1. We have a Sammy fan club out here in Seattle. Is he still with you guys or did he find his new home?

  2. He is still here being adorable waiting for his new family to find him :)