Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nibbling on Toys

Nibbling video - So Skittles has been playing with toys this week.  This is the first he has felt well and safe enough to start playing which is wonderful... it also turns about, he's a nibbler!  He just nibbles on the toys with his front teeth... Super cute... The video shows Sammy who got to gnaw on just one pink monkey leg and Skittles getting to nibble the rest of the monkey right next to each other...or kind of butt to butt... They were both very content!  the monkey...not so much :)

Cassie was busy making belly bands (bands for boy dogs to wear around their middle to keep from marking) this week and decided Skittles needed to model them all at once... He was so unhappy about it but he was pretty cute!

 Blurry picture but Sammy loves a game of tug!

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