Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farm Day!

Sammy and Skittles both got to go out to my friends farm today.... Sammy, who has been there before, did really great and seemed to enjoy all the sights and checking out the animals.  Skittles however, did not so much care for those noisy goats and sheep and just wanted to bark... It was however a beautiful day - afterward the farm and all that heat, they were thirsty and tired!

So the REAL reason I went to the farm was so we all see see baby piggies!  How cute are they?  The puppy dogs had to wait in a quiet place while we went and held the baby piglets!  Too cute - but OMG - LOUD!  Squeals and squeals and more squeals!  They were born just earlier this week and mom had 12 babies!

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