Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yummy for my Tummy

Skittles has been enjoying good food along with a little pumpkin as as you can tell, he really likes it!

He tried so hard to get it all off with his tongue but just couldn't quite manage one last spot... Of course rather than helping, I grabbed the camera!  THEN, I wiped it off for him after a proper amount of pictures were taken.  :)

Look at Sammy in the back waiting his turn! He looks a little unhappy he didn't get there first!

Skittles loves to be picked up and held. 

He will just look at you with his cute baby browns until you are hypnotized to do his bidding... :)

It works for the most part!

Good news to report... The ARMY CRAWL is back... woot woot!  He also barked for the first time at me last night...of course while I was eating... I'm sure he wanted some of my food and was unhappy he wasn't getting any.... cute little bark for a cute little dog...  it didn't work on me though! 

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