Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sammy & Skittles

Sammy is enjoying having another foster brother in the house... Skittles, not to sure yet... but he's had moments when he plays with Sammy and moments when he is stand offish and growly... it's a lot of change for Skittles and I think he's just not to sure of his surroundings and place and needs time to settle into the routine.   Sammy is however ready!  Until it happens though - he's happy with head scratches, belly rubs and snuggling under the covers!

 Skittles is showing himself to be house trained...woot woot!  He does cute little jumping around when he's excited and can be a bit mouthy when playing (we will work on that) - he also likes to army crawl around the house, which is admittedly pretty darn adorable!  He is scheduled for his neuter on Friday so after that, it might be awhile before we see it again, but at least there is a few more days until then...

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