Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sammy and his Toys

Love Sammy and his brown nose and lips - too cute!  He is doing super... He is learning to play with his toys!  He wasn't so into it when he first got here and when you throw a ball, he looks at you like - "Why did you do that?" - but over the past week or so- he has started to run with Sasha when I throw a ball, no fetching yet, but I think it will come in time.  He is learning to chew on toys (and not the things that are not toys) and has a couple of favorites that he runs around with.  He also has taken to rolling over and on his toys!  It good to see him get a little independence and be able to entertain himself - though his favorite is still chasing the laser light.   I've gotten him to play tug too.  Oh and a fly got in the house the other day and that really entertained him, chasing it all over the house (like a cat) - though I bet the fly didn't appreciate it.   Way to Go Sammy!  Here is a video of him and a bird toy - Sammy with Toy

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