Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And then there was Sammy

      I was a bit worried how Sammy would take it when Sheldon when home to his new people... However, he is enjoying the extra attention and cuddles.  He was quite fascinated by a roll of packing tape.  Didn't chew it, but was really intrigued by it and even started to fall asleep on it!  Sammy is doing great and I will get a few doggie play dates for him since he seems to really enjoy playing with other dogs...(better than packing tape I think!).  
mmmmm...packing tape!
guard of the packaging tape - don't let the sleepy look fool you...

Here is Sheldon now Sharkey settling in with his new family.   He is already endearing himself
quickly with his new people with his sweet little self (and showing his new mom what a great laptop sitter he is, I hear!).  Wish nothing but the best him and so happy for him that he has his own family now!

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