Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not the Cone!

sad about the cone
Skittles is recovering fine from his neuter but he's been a bit of a licker so he got the CONE!  however, the cone I had was just too big for this tiny little man, so him and Sammy got to go to the pet store and help me choose a smaller one for him.  They both were really well mannered... Sammy very interested in everyone and everything.  Skittles hung back a bit and just went with the flow.. (probably a little sore too from the walking). 

nom nom nom

 They got bully sticks which they happily chewed on the way home.  I found a great deal on a new animal that has a plastic bottle in in that he was quite happy with and carried around with him.   He also got to play again with the neighbor dog and I believe she is warming up to him as she played with him a bit... He really does love to play with other dogs. 

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