Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sammy and his Toys

Love Sammy and his brown nose and lips - too cute!  He is doing super... He is learning to play with his toys!  He wasn't so into it when he first got here and when you throw a ball, he looks at you like - "Why did you do that?" - but over the past week or so- he has started to run with Sasha when I throw a ball, no fetching yet, but I think it will come in time.  He is learning to chew on toys (and not the things that are not toys) and has a couple of favorites that he runs around with.  He also has taken to rolling over and on his toys!  It good to see him get a little independence and be able to entertain himself - though his favorite is still chasing the laser light.   I've gotten him to play tug too.  Oh and a fly got in the house the other day and that really entertained him, chasing it all over the house (like a cat) - though I bet the fly didn't appreciate it.   Way to Go Sammy!  Here is a video of him and a bird toy - Sammy with Toy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yummy for my Tummy

Skittles has been enjoying good food along with a little pumpkin as as you can tell, he really likes it!

He tried so hard to get it all off with his tongue but just couldn't quite manage one last spot... Of course rather than helping, I grabbed the camera!  THEN, I wiped it off for him after a proper amount of pictures were taken.  :)

Look at Sammy in the back waiting his turn! He looks a little unhappy he didn't get there first!

Skittles loves to be picked up and held. 

He will just look at you with his cute baby browns until you are hypnotized to do his bidding... :)

It works for the most part!

Good news to report... The ARMY CRAWL is back... woot woot!  He also barked for the first time at me last night...of course while I was eating... I'm sure he wanted some of my food and was unhappy he wasn't getting any.... cute little bark for a cute little dog...  it didn't work on me though! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Yoga Stretching

The boys had a nice mellow weekend... Yesterday I had a friend over and a bbq and they both enjoyed meeting her and getting some extra attention.  Sammy warmed right up to her but Skittles was a little unsure.

Sammy got a hold of whole mushroom and to our amusement, spend an hour playing with it (never eating it) by throwing it up in the air and otherwise chasing it... It was quite funny to watch. Well worth the loss of a mushroom for our kabobs!

They also enjoyed lots of yoga stretching!

Skittles is starting to feel better and did some cute rolling out in a doggie bed you can see here  Skittles Rolling around in the Bed  .  It's nice to see him getting some of his energy back :) 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not the Cone!

sad about the cone
Skittles is recovering fine from his neuter but he's been a bit of a licker so he got the CONE!  however, the cone I had was just too big for this tiny little man, so him and Sammy got to go to the pet store and help me choose a smaller one for him.  They both were really well mannered... Sammy very interested in everyone and everything.  Skittles hung back a bit and just went with the flow.. (probably a little sore too from the walking). 

nom nom nom

 They got bully sticks which they happily chewed on the way home.  I found a great deal on a new animal that has a plastic bottle in in that he was quite happy with and carried around with him.   He also got to play again with the neighbor dog and I believe she is warming up to him as she played with him a bit... He really does love to play with other dogs. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleepy and Sore Skittles

Skittles is back from the vet... He's whiny and tired and wishing the other dogs would quit sniffing him... So after a long potty and some kisses and snuggles from me, he's on his doggie bed and passed out.... He should be feeling better tomorrow and then he'll get his special "sorry but you had to be neutered" doggie bone and all will be right in the world!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're in the Army now...

haha... Skittles love to what I call "army crawl" at various times of his choosing.  I had to get a video (though only a short one) of it before his neuter tomorrow, which I'm sure will put a damper on crawling for a bit...   Here it is...WARNING... it's pretty adorable... Skittles Army Crawl

 Skittles is doing well and each day becomes a little more playful with both Sammy and me.  Sometimes he is a little growly when he is up on the couch next to me or Cassie so we are making him get down when he does that and it is improving. As a matter of fact, both are sharing my lap as I type this.   Poor little guy, he just doesn't  want to give up a prime spot I think after not having good spots for so long .  Time and some positive correction will fix those growlies.  He loves to snuggle and sleep next to a person though he does well in his crate at night too (just a little whining in the beginning).   Tomorrow is his neuter but then I will be home for a three day weekend so he will get lots of TLC and will be back to his army crawling in no time!. 
Skittles cuteness

Sammy is enjoying having a more friendly dog (than my personal dog, Sasha) around and has been encouraging Skittles to play with him by being extra cute like wiggling on his back and giving him free ear cleanings.  :)  He also has found some dried slugs which he loves to roll on or bring in the house   - so far he has brought two of them in and was quite disappointed when I took them away.  I sure hope that was all that is out there cause he will find them if they are there!  It's fun to see Sammy lay like a frog (or pre-army crawl) which he does quite often.   I have also discovered that he loves the laser light!  OMG - goes crazy for it and will play chase with it for as long as you are willing to go (too hard to get a picture while I'm holding a laser light and it's dark so no pictures - yet at least). It sure is fun to watch him - I even got him to go into the wading pool and stick his head in chasing after it... (maybe a little mean, but i couldn't help it :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sammy & Skittles

Sammy is enjoying having another foster brother in the house... Skittles, not to sure yet... but he's had moments when he plays with Sammy and moments when he is stand offish and growly... it's a lot of change for Skittles and I think he's just not to sure of his surroundings and place and needs time to settle into the routine.   Sammy is however ready!  Until it happens though - he's happy with head scratches, belly rubs and snuggling under the covers!

 Skittles is showing himself to be house trained...woot woot!  He does cute little jumping around when he's excited and can be a bit mouthy when playing (we will work on that) - he also likes to army crawl around the house, which is admittedly pretty darn adorable!  He is scheduled for his neuter on Friday so after that, it might be awhile before we see it again, but at least there is a few more days until then...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome Skittles!

Newest little foster dog Skittles! He arrived in Yakima late last night - got a bath and has been resting up. He's pretty skinny but some good food and TLC will take care of that!

Took him and Sammy over to a friends with their German Shepherds - they did very well after some "get to know you sniffing and then the boys did a lot of peeing"  but Skittles preferred my lap!
sleepy Skittles!
Skittles and Mia hanging out
He loves to sit on your lap!
Sheriff and Sammy - Sammy was unsure at first, but they became friends

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sammy at the farm!

Took Sammy to Tieton Farm and Creamery today where he got to meet goats, chickens, sheep, pigs and even a donkey!  He did very well (no barking) and was very well mannered but curious too.  He had a lot of fun just checking out everything... He even got to taste a bit of goat milk!

drinking some milk
surveying the land

Romeo and Sammy!
Sammy meeting Romeo - Sammy met the little farm dog and tried so hard to impress him with his masterful dirt and grass kicking skills... alas... it didn't work and Romeo remained unimpressed... They did however spend quite a bit of time marking and remarking and remarking again! Peefest 2012, Tieton!

Sweet Sammy

Sammy is so sweet... we have kind of gotten into a night time ritual that before its his bedtime (and crate time), he comes and sits on my lap, lays his head on my chest and just looks at me while I scratch his head (which is just his favorite thing ever)... He really is such a gentle sweet little man...

he sticks his muzzle through the gate whenever he's on the lookout... it's funny

another picture???? come on already!

We went over to my neighbor's house yesterday to visit Fancy, her rat terrier mix to see if they would play... Sammy was more than up for it... he was adorable, down in play stance and lightly jumping at her... but she wasn't ready - her tail was wagging though so I think she is interested - we are going to try again this weekend... The good news is that Sammy is going to have another foster brother tomorrow who will hopefully be interested in some playtime!  Stay tuned....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sammy's Awesome Ears

Sometimes Sammy has two up ears, sometimes two down ears, but he also likes to have  one up and one down... I think it's adorable...  Today was that day...

He was very playful tonight - rolling around in the grass and not wanting to come inside... who would, it's beautiful weather today... Him and Sasha (my dog) even shared a a moment when they were jumping up and down thinking I had treats for them.  Which I so did! 

His housetraining is going great... No accidents or even attempts in the house... He is going outside either on his own through the doggie door or when I take him out... Way to go Sammy!

funny face with his tongue starting to stick out
sasha and sammy wondering if I got treats - hoping...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And then there was Sammy

      I was a bit worried how Sammy would take it when Sheldon when home to his new people... However, he is enjoying the extra attention and cuddles.  He was quite fascinated by a roll of packing tape.  Didn't chew it, but was really intrigued by it and even started to fall asleep on it!  Sammy is doing great and I will get a few doggie play dates for him since he seems to really enjoy playing with other dogs...(better than packing tape I think!).  
mmmmm...packing tape!
guard of the packaging tape - don't let the sleepy look fool you...

Here is Sheldon now Sharkey settling in with his new family.   He is already endearing himself
quickly with his new people with his sweet little self (and showing his new mom what a great laptop sitter he is, I hear!).  Wish nothing but the best him and so happy for him that he has his own family now!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bazinga!!!! I'm Adopted!!!

It happened but it couldn't have happened to a nicer dog!  Sheldon has been adopted and will be living it up on the westside with a great couple who will give him all the love and attention he deserves.  He will get to go to dog parks, walks and get some playtime in with new buddies!  So happy for this silly awesome little man.  Good times ahead Sheldon!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Come on, just a little nibble!

Sheldon looks like he has a plan and is going to wrangle Sammy into helping
you go first, no you go first, no you do it!.
Sammy and Sheldon are very intrigued by a chocolate covered pomegranate treats in a bag...which is yummy,
but of course, they cannot have them, no matter how cute they are... It was, admitting fun, watching them try to so casually investigate what was in the bag.  They were trying to be sneaky and not draw my attention and take the bag away from them (so Cassie took pictures instead) but sadly, I had to take the bag away before they got too brave and tried to either eat some or run away with the bag...

Friday, May 11, 2012

take time to smell the flowers sammy!

but not all!
Sammy is a bit of a photo mobber - this is how a lot of pictures turn out!

finally getting some iris blooms and sammy was fascinated!
I don't know if Sammy has ever seen a flower before - he was wary of the one bloom at first, pacing by it, sniffing, jumping back when it moved...but he kept going back and checking the one bloom out...just sniffing and sniffing,...  can't wait to see what he does when they all get to blooming - he just won't know what to do.

Oh, and Sheldon went up, nibbled, didn't like it and left... SOOOO not impressed as Sammy was...

RTT - Rat Terrier Tongues!

neener neener!
The pictures I have taken this past week that captured the boys with their tongues hanging out! 
happy boy!

sheldon's so tired he can't even keep his tongue in his mouth!

must have treats!
big water bowl!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bath Day for Sheldon!

Bath Day for Sheldon!  He's not too much a fan but tolerates getting a bath.  What he really likes is being wrapped up in a towel and the cuddles afterwards... Then he runs around like a maniac and rubs himself on the carpet... lol - But now he's soooo pretty (and smells like lavender!!) 
reminds me of a vulcan!

such a serious look on his face!