Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Both dogs went over to my friends house a few days ago to meet her German Shepard's and a neighbors dog, Emery... Sheldon did great, having already met Emery and played well.. .Sammy took some warm up time but finally joined in.  They also got to explore a new yard and had a lot of fun checking out the new digs.   There was also a cat there (called Black Cat, very dog savy cat), and Sheldon tried to get him to play, jumping around, but a short swat to nose by black cat and Sheldon quit trying... Sammy knew better and hung back from that...

Sammy meeting Emery - all pictures were blurry
 I put Sammy in a belly band - just in case of a potty accident - lots of animals, new place and she just had her carpets cleaned - if you are wondering what the green diaper is on him
how bad does Sheldon want some popcorn??
 Nice weekend here with some good sun, so both Sammy and Sheldon were out and soaking up the rays....
enjoying the sun

of course Sheldon chose the dirty wading pool to lay in!
so i brought out the doggie beds....

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