Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sammy is doing really great - more energy,  hardly any cough left and his face is really healing up.   When he gets up in the morning - he runs outside doing little hoppity hops that he just started doing this week so he must be feeling better!

He is really good in the crate - patiently waiting until I wake up.  He knows how to sit and now I've been working on him with spin which I'm sure he will get in no time.    He gets along good with the other dogs - just a few warning growls here and there.  The other night (see picture below), all three dogs (mine included which was suprising) were taking turns on chewing an antler.  One would finish and walk away, and the next one would run up and chew for a bit - and round and round they went. 

The two boys actually played tugged together until Sasha (the fun sponge) came up and stopped them... wahhh.. it was so cute!

Sheldon wanting to know when it's gonna be his turn

let me pee in peace!

just being cute!

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