Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Sheldon's had a fun few days - hanging out with my daughter at her place and visiting the cats!  He has gotten over his fear and now wants to be friends - however, Pumpkin does not share those feelings...

some ear licking to show he's a friendly dog!

the ear licking didn't really earn him too many points!!

House training is coming along nicely and he's starting the fake - "I went out the door so I must have gone potty - give me a treat"  phase.   He's pretty quiet - not much of a barker at all.  He loves playing with toys - he will play by himself or fetch.  He still gets a little worried if we move too fast at him and he will go belly up but it's less now that he's been here a while.  He likes riding in the car, going places and meeting people - he is a super friendly dog and pretty trusting. 

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