Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Playdate!

Cassie messing with Sheldon - but I love the pose of his front paws!
 Took Sheldon over to my friends house for a playdate with Emery, a beautiful 3 year old Weimaraner.  Oh boy was Sheldon scared!  Probably didn't help that Emery (who is a LOT bigger) ran right over to him and got in his face (being friendly actually, she's unaware of her size being scary to anyone).  He actually growled and air snapped a few times at her.  First time I've seen any kind of aggression out of him but who could blame him - scary stuff getting all in his business and he was trying to let her know - she just wasn't listening.

After some holding back of Emery and reassurances to Sheldon - and oh my god - a tennis ball!... off they went - BFF's - stealing the ball back and forth, running around and chasing each other and the ball and lots of skidding across the tile.   My other friend brought her two sweet german shepherds too - and all was good - lots of sniffing and checking out the butts - all was friendly.  And tennis ball chasing had by all!   It was a good, energy burn, play date for Sheldon!  Big dogs aren't always so scary!
huge size difference but the love of a tennis ball is the same

sheldon found a sneaky way to try to get the ball first

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