Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor Panda!!!

Sad new to report - the panda toy (that's been around since the summer) finally met his match in Sheldon!  I knew he was playing too contently and too long right outside my door and it turns out he was busy destuffing poor Panda!  I had to search for the unstuffed Panda which was found in the kitchen...   You were/are a good toy Panda - I will try to restuff you!

is he saying neener neener?

busy working on the next toy!
He has had a good day... lots of play and busy figuring out the doggie door.  He did have an accident by the doggie door, but he's have it figured out in no time... He's an independent little thing - likes to wander off, so I've leashed him so i can keep him closer to me until he is completely house-trained... It is nice to see him getting more comfortable... We played some chase today - when he's excited, his whole body wags, not just his tail!  I also have yet to hear a bark out of him even when my dog is barking up a storm...  He loves chewing... toys and bones and he's a happy boy. 

i think he looks good in his pink collar!

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  1. I look forward to reading more about Sheldon. I see he liked the Panda! ;-)