Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goodbye to Simone and Welcome Sophie!

Simone went home on Sunday with her new mom... She is settling in well and learning the routine... She will be getting lots of walks and has a new dog sibling Chester that she is quickly becoming best buds with and loves to play tug with.  Yeah for Simone!

and now a new little bundle of rat terrier goodness.. Sophie!  She is itty bitty - about 11 lbs and full of busy energy checking out her new foster home.... She is funny... .as she was walking around - her tail would catch her eye and she would do a quick spin to catch it (and miss) and then continue on her walk... She loves attention and cuddles and also playing fetch... I'm sure I will have much to report on this charming little girl in the coming days...

for me?  drool

whatcha doing?


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