Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Destuffing, Defurring, Defuzzing - Oh My!

Little Sheldon is feeling good... He got his stitches out today and a bath and is proceeding to recheck all the toys to see if there is any he can destuff today... He's been really quite active running from room to room, outside, playing etc... Nothing better than no stitches, no more cone and being clean and smelling good (or like lavender and mint in his case).   

why this stuffed animal is smiling i don't know... he must not know what's coming... 
He also found an old tennis ball that has a huge hole in it and was partly defuzzed from a previous foster (umm... Suzie) and just defuzzed the whole thing in about 5 seconds...i had no idea that's what a tennis ball looks like naked!  He still loves it, chews on it and plays with it - so all is good and bright green fuzz is easy to see to pick up off the carpet!  He's not into eating it - just spits it out thankfully.   This will be his new #1 toy I think  -  he's kind of made it his :)  Here is a video of the him and his new BFF:   Tennis Ball - Defuzzed

Tomorrow is microchip day... so just a quick tiny pinch and he'll be all good to go.  He will also get to meet a big dog tomorrow who is just a sweetheart and loves to play so let's hope for a fun play date!

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