Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Simone...

Simone is doing really well.  She is such a doll, very sweet and very well mannered for a puppy...

She has learned the doggie door and though she hasn't used it yet to go out and potty on her own, she is so close... She will hang out by the doggie door when she is ready but still  wants me to go outside with her.

She went over to a friends house that has a rat terrier mix named Fancy and after about 15 minutes, they played and chased each other.  It was really super cute.  Took her over to my daughter's house to see how she does with cats and she was really indifferent to her cat.   I did finally hear her growl yesterday and it was when she saw my dog in a mirror - she started growling at the reflection.  Maybe she just can't handle two Sasha's!  She has never growled directly at my dog.
Fancy and Simone

blurry i know, but they were moving fast...and they are kind of twins!

She is a bit of a thief, I have discovered... if you send something down such as a hairbrush, nail file, cell phone, remote -  she will grab it and run away.  She is still learning what toys are and what are not... While she hasn't chewed on any of those, she is a great chewer and loves to chew on bones and hooves. 

She hates the vacuum and I finally heard her barking when we did some vacuuming - other than that, she's not too much of a barker.      Here is a video of her barking:  Simone vs. the Vacuum

We continue to work on the crate training and she is not a fan.  She is quiet in the crate when I leave for a bit  but at night, she still whines to get out every couple of hours. 

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