Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midnight Snow

It has started to snow in Yakima again... it hasn't slowed Simone down a bit... in and out the doggie door with no problem and she now mostly goes out there on her own - though sometimes in the morning I have to convince her (ok, carry her) outside - I think she's warm and just would rather hold it...

Cassie and I took Simone and Sasha (my dog) out for play tonight around midnight and Simone has fun (Sasha guarded the perimeter).  She ran, jumped and chased Cassie all around - and she pretty much stayed in the yard playing, really not needed her leash... Snow is fun!  - video of Simone playing in the snow - sorry it's so dark  Midnight Snow Play
She is sleeping now and I'm pretty sure she is out for night and then some!

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