Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midnight Snow

It has started to snow in Yakima again... it hasn't slowed Simone down a bit... in and out the doggie door with no problem and she now mostly goes out there on her own - though sometimes in the morning I have to convince her (ok, carry her) outside - I think she's warm and just would rather hold it...

Cassie and I took Simone and Sasha (my dog) out for play tonight around midnight and Simone has fun (Sasha guarded the perimeter).  She ran, jumped and chased Cassie all around - and she pretty much stayed in the yard playing, really not needed her leash... Snow is fun!  - video of Simone playing in the snow - sorry it's so dark  Midnight Snow Play
She is sleeping now and I'm pretty sure she is out for night and then some!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Days

Simone has had a busy couple of days... yesterday we went over to a friends and she got to meet Emery - they had tons of fun, with chasing and goofiness.   She did very well and the couple of cats she met, she just ignored... dogs are more fun!

Today, we took a trip to the pet store and she had very good manners in there.. very friendly with people and not reactive to any of the dogs in there.. more interested in just sniffing around.  I also managed to convince her (once) to jump in the car on her own - so hopefully she is losing a bit of fear of the car.
looking to get a treat!
And at home... finally a nap!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saul and Tucker Updates

Saul is settling well and has gotten rid of his growlies with new people.  He even got to stay with a friend for over a week while his mom was out of town and was the perfect house guest.  Wonderful to see him settling so well and being a happy confident dog.

Saul's favorite spot - over a heater vent!
  Tucker is also doing awesome.  He has now decided that his dad is his BFF and has gotten over his fear.  He was so nervous of men but has learned that they are good people too.  He has mellowed a bit over the past few months as he's settled in and loves the new grandbaby too.   Way to go Tucker! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back in Action

Simone is feeling much better after a day and half of sleeping and rest...

She likes to sleep with her butt higher than her head...goofy
We had a huge wind storm over the past two days and Simone didn't want to go outside to potty at all... Scary noises... I would get her outside and she would try to run back inside - it was becoming a contest of -  if I could get to the doggie door to block her before she got in... it's been a bit of a struggle to get her to potty outside, but now that the wind has died down, she is getting back into the routine....

She got to play with the neighbors dog yesterday and seemed to have alot of fun running around and she kept licking Fancy's feet! (Fancy didn't seem to mind)... She really does well around other dogs and just wants them to play with her .

Simone's feet... Love the black ticking on her knuckles! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spay Day for Simone

Simone was spayed yesterday and is getting plenty of rest... She is one tired puppy!  Having had surgery myself recently, I find myself extra sympathetic to her journey of recovery.  She slept most of yesterday but today was up and about (with me running to get her so she doesn't jump up or off the couch), very hungry (after a day of no food) and didn't want to go outside in the frost to potty, but was convinced after a little urging.   Looking forward to Simone getting back to her puppy self!

recovery is hard!

Simone trying a new look with her collar
She loves this tuffy toy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rockin' the Doggie Door

 Simone has figured out to use the doggie door to go potty this AM and in the rain no less!  What a smart girl - that didn't take long at all.  She is so smart!

I also love her nubby tail - it's short and cute and wags real fast when she is playing... however, she doesn't like me video taping her butt (who would?)  Nubby Wubby

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Simone...

Simone is doing really well.  She is such a doll, very sweet and very well mannered for a puppy...

She has learned the doggie door and though she hasn't used it yet to go out and potty on her own, she is so close... She will hang out by the doggie door when she is ready but still  wants me to go outside with her.

She went over to a friends house that has a rat terrier mix named Fancy and after about 15 minutes, they played and chased each other.  It was really super cute.  Took her over to my daughter's house to see how she does with cats and she was really indifferent to her cat.   I did finally hear her growl yesterday and it was when she saw my dog in a mirror - she started growling at the reflection.  Maybe she just can't handle two Sasha's!  She has never growled directly at my dog.
Fancy and Simone

blurry i know, but they were moving fast...and they are kind of twins!

She is a bit of a thief, I have discovered... if you send something down such as a hairbrush, nail file, cell phone, remote -  she will grab it and run away.  She is still learning what toys are and what are not... While she hasn't chewed on any of those, she is a great chewer and loves to chew on bones and hooves. 

She hates the vacuum and I finally heard her barking when we did some vacuuming - other than that, she's not too much of a barker.      Here is a video of her barking:  Simone vs. the Vacuum

We continue to work on the crate training and she is not a fan.  She is quiet in the crate when I leave for a bit  but at night, she still whines to get out every couple of hours. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Settling In...

Simone is settling in and we are working on getting her a routine... She is a great eater, not at all picky and is very interested in doing tricks for treats.  She can sit on command and we are working on spin and lay down.  She does it but I can tell the light bulb hasn't come on yet.  We are also working on her house training and learning the doggie door which she is still a bit nervous about.  She is a love bug though and enjoying snuggling up for a nap and getting lots of scratches.

enjoying a tasty treat

i think she got too warm under the covers so she came out and slept like this - it was funny

Friday, February 10, 2012

Guess who's is in Yakima!

So after about a month break, I've gotten a new puppy to foster!  Simone is about 7 months old and already 18 to 20 lbs!  She is mostly black and white with some dark brown on the sides.. .Super soft and very mellow to date... Had a good meet and greet with my dog Sasha, who was her normal bossy self and then stole Simone's bone just in case she didn't who was boss.   She is currently asleep in my closet where she found a blanket to lay on and can still keep a watchful eye on me.  Next week she will go in for her check up and spay.