Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visiting Friends and Going to the Vet

Took Susie over to my friend Amber's house for a visit and some socialization... while she mainly hid from the big dogs, she did come out for treats!  She also ran right over to Amber's husband Nate and hung out with him until he left for work, she really liked Nate alot.   They also have a 6 year old daughter and Susie was a little shy of her, though took a few pets from her and no growling.  I think in time, they will be buddies... Susie just needs some warm up time...

She also went her for heartworm testing yesterdayand man, she was scared!  poor thing... probably thought she was going back to the shelter... But we got it done and got her microchipped and back home...

She is also getting braver with Sasha and they've had some hysterical (to me at least) growl downs at each other... and she has been edging closer to Sasha's food during eating time... Susie eats FAST so she is always done before Sasha and has been coming over to check out Sasha's bowl... Today too, Sasha got ahold of an empty plastic down that has a bit of sauce left over it and guarded it for about an hour with Susie coming by every 10 minutes or so and barking at her... Sasha actually fell asleep with her foot on the tin, she was so detemined not to share..

Susie Burrito!

not a fan of the burrito!

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