Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out on the Town!

I took a late lunch today and picked Susie up and took her down to our local pet store, the Pet Pantry. She really didn't want to go into the car (who would after all her traveling in the past week) but once in and crated, she was all quiet - though she I think she was worried to where she was going! She did great in the pet store and seemed to enjoy checking everything out... especially the cat food! She got to meet some new people, though a bit hestitant at first. She even got her nails clipped by the owner and did really well and even gave a kiss afterwards! :) 
mmm...cat food - can I have some?

By the bird tree, but you can see her diamond marking on the back of her neck :)

Afterwards, we stopped by my work and she meet all my co-workers... She was a little scared but warmed up quickly, getting pets and scratches from everyone., though she wanted me in her sight at all times and got barky and worried when I once left the room... When we got home after eating, she preceeded to take out every toy out of the dog toy box, chew on each one at a time - focusing on the squeeky ones (those are her favorite and she's very good at de-squeeking them)... and then she passed on out!  Busy day for Susie!  Tomorrow too... that's her spay day. 

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