Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goats, Turkey's and Gophers oh my!!!

Saul got a taste of farm life when we went out to visit Lori and Ruth at their farm and get some of their wonderful cheese.  He had alot of fun checking out the goats (who were more interested in him than he was of them), turkeys and chickens.

He also got his dig on out in the pasture with what we think was a pocket gopher.  While he has never dug in my yard, other than in the dirt spot to hide a bone once, I think he could have stayed out for hours digging after the gopher.  I was both excited for him to get something and also nervous if did!  He didn't (whew), but he got dirt, ate some dirt and roots and seems to have alot of fun!
(and needs a bath!) - video of Saul digging (long) - video of Saul digging (short)

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