Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Adopted!

Guess who found a fabulous new home over in Seattle?  Little Susie will be heading to her new home this Sunday with a wonderful couple... Yeah for Susie!  She's just the sweetest little thing and I know will do great with her new family! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gimme More Toys!

Susie loves to play and loves little squeaky toys... She also loves dragging out the toys and I think watching me put them back and then we play the whole game over again... I also would like to know, how did I get so many dog toys?  I really have to put some away, but you never know which one a new dog will like... Susie.. she likes them all!  But squeaky ones the best! 

Helping herself to the toy box to find the best one!
and the squeaky flea wins!  (it's almost as big as her!)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Outfit for Susie!

Poor little Susie is such a tiny thing... The smallest sweater I had, as you can see, was way to big for her and it's so chilly outside - so I headed out and braved the Black Friday sales and...
found an outfit that will not only fit her, but on sale for 5.00 bucks!  Now she will be warmer when she goes out for her snowy potty breaks and stylin too :) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visiting Friends and Going to the Vet

Took Susie over to my friend Amber's house for a visit and some socialization... while she mainly hid from the big dogs, she did come out for treats!  She also ran right over to Amber's husband Nate and hung out with him until he left for work, she really liked Nate alot.   They also have a 6 year old daughter and Susie was a little shy of her, though took a few pets from her and no growling.  I think in time, they will be buddies... Susie just needs some warm up time...

She also went her for heartworm testing yesterdayand man, she was scared!  poor thing... probably thought she was going back to the shelter... But we got it done and got her microchipped and back home...

She is also getting braver with Sasha and they've had some hysterical (to me at least) growl downs at each other... and she has been edging closer to Sasha's food during eating time... Susie eats FAST so she is always done before Sasha and has been coming over to check out Sasha's bowl... Today too, Sasha got ahold of an empty plastic down that has a bit of sauce left over it and guarded it for about an hour with Susie coming by every 10 minutes or so and barking at her... Sasha actually fell asleep with her foot on the tin, she was so detemined not to share..

Susie Burrito!

not a fan of the burrito!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow Buddies

Sasha and Susie
Welcome to Yakima little one... and the snow!  Susie has had to go potty and go walking in the snow... she's not a huge fan, but she did pretty good with the occasional begging to be picked up... She also meet the neighborhood kids - about 5 of them and was a bit scared of them but when I got them to come one at a time and slow - she accepted a few pats from them and one got a little kiss on the hand. 

She found a place with no snow!

Glad to be back inside where it's warm!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feelin' Good!

Nothing like a Red Barn bone to make you feel better!  Susie is doing great and is already back to her old self... I keep having to catch her before she jumps up or down on things! She's a fast little thing...  Her stitches don't seem to be bothering her at all and it's more of trying to keep her mellow than her feeling bad... And she loves her pink medicine so no problems giving it to her which is nice. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spay Day and Snow Day!

Last night, since it was the last day for a few days that Susie would be feeling up to jumping around, I got a video of her learning sit and also her little dance when she sees the treat bag!  She reminds me of a meerkat! 

She had her spay today and did very well though she is very groggy and tired... She weighs an official 10.02 lbs.  She also got home and had to go out in about 1 inch of snow to potty but she did and even wandered around a bit before heading back in to get warm. A couple of days of recovery and she should be back to her ol' self. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out on the Town!

I took a late lunch today and picked Susie up and took her down to our local pet store, the Pet Pantry. She really didn't want to go into the car (who would after all her traveling in the past week) but once in and crated, she was all quiet - though she I think she was worried to where she was going! She did great in the pet store and seemed to enjoy checking everything out... especially the cat food! She got to meet some new people, though a bit hestitant at first. She even got her nails clipped by the owner and did really well and even gave a kiss afterwards! :) 
mmm...cat food - can I have some?

By the bird tree, but you can see her diamond marking on the back of her neck :)

Afterwards, we stopped by my work and she meet all my co-workers... She was a little scared but warmed up quickly, getting pets and scratches from everyone., though she wanted me in her sight at all times and got barky and worried when I once left the room... When we got home after eating, she preceeded to take out every toy out of the dog toy box, chew on each one at a time - focusing on the squeeky ones (those are her favorite and she's very good at de-squeeking them)... and then she passed on out!  Busy day for Susie!  Tomorrow too... that's her spay day. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


Busy getting to know little Susie... She's been good with the housetraining and will use my doggie door all on her own... Yeah!  She loves to chew on toys and play with anything squeeky which she attacks with a vengence... She's been good at night settling in her crate but I do have to make her go in there and she really loves to have her head scratched.. I put her up on the bed by my cat and other than a few sniffs, neither where interested in each other... Oh and she loves to pose for the camera!

getting warm after the cold trip over the moutains

her expression when she's getting belly rubs!

Saul's New Home

Saul is busy settling into his new home with his new mom Kelly!  He's already found a favorite spot!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome Susie!

Newest little foster dog Susie is here!... She is tiny, 9 lbs, likes to play, makes funny little play noises and is just a doll...

She is a busy little thing and not all other bothered by the snow  -  Welcome to Eastern Washington Susie - there is more snow to come! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Adopted!

Saul has found his forever home!  He will be heading west to live it up in South Seattle.  I'm meeting his mom on Saturday and she is busy getting his new home all ready for him!  Saul is a great dog and I'm excited for them both!  Yeah for Saul!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goats, Turkey's and Gophers oh my!!!

Saul got a taste of farm life when we went out to visit Lori and Ruth at their farm and get some of their wonderful cheese.  He had alot of fun checking out the goats (who were more interested in him than he was of them), turkeys and chickens.

He also got his dig on out in the pasture with what we think was a pocket gopher.  While he has never dug in my yard, other than in the dirt spot to hide a bone once, I think he could have stayed out for hours digging after the gopher.  I was both excited for him to get something and also nervous if did!  He didn't (whew), but he got dirt, ate some dirt and roots and seems to have alot of fun!
(and needs a bath!)
http://youtu.be/VrEIvC2oDxU - video of Saul digging (long)
http://youtu.be/qAJ5yk2QhjM - video of Saul digging (short)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Tonight, Saul and I practiced him sitting when the doorbell rang for the trick or treaters... He did very well after the first couple of trick or treaters when he realized he would get tasty treats if he sat down and wait for me to answer the door. 

He really doesn't like to wear clothes at all and wasn't at all pleased with me dressing him up in Sasha's old halloween costumes. When I put the hotdog costume on him, he went into his crate so no one could see what I had him in though I got a few pictures before he scampered off and managed to shake the costume off before relaxing in his crate...

ok, not a fan of being a hotdog.. I think he would prefer to eat them versus wear them
but he was so cute!