Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Afternoons

We had fun today; It was a super nice afternoon - perfect weather... took both of the dogs on a walk today with the double harness... he was pretty energized and busy and pulled Sasha along for most of the trip until I got them a bit away from the house and a bit more under control... They both did well walking though I think I will keep them on seperate leashes, since Saul is bigger than she is and can pull her along and "take over".   They saw a bigger dog walking along and Sasha kind of lost her mind a little with the barking and Saul had to join in, but both of them were super easy to distract and get back to the walking and sniffing business of the neighborhood.  Also, I got yelled at by a neighbor for Saul marking his bush... so we will walk quickly by that area from now on... Though really Saul doesn't do to much marking when we are on walks, maybe once a trip if at all.  But I think that's a popular bush for the neighboorhood dogs because all my fosters and Sasha too, stop by and really check it out; most of the boys feeling the urge to mark. (which I could see could be annoying to my neighbor)

Saul's a funny puppy - we were doing some tricks tonight and Saul got it in his head to do a "jump" and "roll" for his treats for roll over... kind of a sideways somersault... I think he was just really wanting his treats!  I got him to calm a bit and not do the jumping by getting a bit closer, but it was really funny to watch him. 

great picture showing off Sauls heart shaped marking on his back (and I should probably put that "Welcome Spring" pillow away I think)

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