Saturday, October 29, 2011

Looking Beautiful is Tiring!

Today Saul got a bath and his nails trimmed... He was so exausted afterwords, he grabbed Panda and took a nap!   However, he smells good and is extra soft!  And now maybe he won't slide so much on my tile floor!  At least, once he wakes up!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Midnight Madness

Saul got what I call Midnight Madness tonight while I was up late making some owl cards and not paying him any attention...

Earlier he joined me for tonights episode of Survivor

 he's not sure what Ozzy was thinking, volunteering to go to Redemption Island.. He hopes it all works out next week...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shelly (Indigo) update!

Shelly (now Ingigo) is settling in with her new family and becoming quite the water dog.  She even jumped in and swam with an otter!  She is also looking very grown up!  I'm happy she gets so much opportunity to play in the water since I could tell she loved the water when she was with me and there just isn't that much in Yakima!  They all love her very much and she is doing really well.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monkey See - Monkey Do

There is something facinating behind the bushes, both Saul and Sasha spent a good twenty minutes checking it out - giving lots of butt pictures... they were changing spots just to make sure neither missed anything... I refused to be follower and check it out myself though I'm really curious to what's so fascinating behind there! 

Saul from the front!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Afternoons

We had fun today; It was a super nice afternoon - perfect weather... took both of the dogs on a walk today with the double harness... he was pretty energized and busy and pulled Sasha along for most of the trip until I got them a bit away from the house and a bit more under control... They both did well walking though I think I will keep them on seperate leashes, since Saul is bigger than she is and can pull her along and "take over".   They saw a bigger dog walking along and Sasha kind of lost her mind a little with the barking and Saul had to join in, but both of them were super easy to distract and get back to the walking and sniffing business of the neighborhood.  Also, I got yelled at by a neighbor for Saul marking his bush... so we will walk quickly by that area from now on... Though really Saul doesn't do to much marking when we are on walks, maybe once a trip if at all.  But I think that's a popular bush for the neighboorhood dogs because all my fosters and Sasha too, stop by and really check it out; most of the boys feeling the urge to mark. (which I could see could be annoying to my neighbor)

Saul's a funny puppy - we were doing some tricks tonight and Saul got it in his head to do a "jump" and "roll" for his treats for roll over... kind of a sideways somersault... I think he was just really wanting his treats!  I got him to calm a bit and not do the jumping by getting a bit closer, but it was really funny to watch him. 

great picture showing off Sauls heart shaped marking on his back (and I should probably put that "Welcome Spring" pillow away I think)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Another small but important breakthrough with Saul tonight... he took a long nap on my lap!  first time he has been comfortable enough to not want to snuggle under the covers or nap in his crate. And he has napped beside me, but never on my legs until today.   Of course it helped that he was getting belly scratches for quite a bit before he passed out..but whatever works!




Saul also did some beetle hunting in my living room tonight.  How a beetle got into my house i don't know, but Saul was quite fascinated by him and chased him all around for about 20 minutes before I took the beetle outside for some peace and quiet.  It was quite entertaining.  I think Saul might have tried a taste test but found it not up to par...lucky beetle!

this is just my favorite picture to date... how cute is he?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saul's weekend update!

Saul is finally bonding with Cassie!  She came home this weekend from college pretty sick - (must of caught it from me, poor thing (snicker)) and spend lots of time recouping on the couch... and she and Saul did great together with the sleeping and even cuddled some under the covers with no growling at her... they bonded over their sleeping I guess!

He also got some play time in with her when she was up to it and all and all had a great time with her.   He sure is getting into playing and loves little round stuffed toys.  Still working on the "bring back to me" part but he's fun to play with.  I'm going to start working with him to see if I can get him to play "tug"

Have been trying the different animal sweaters on Sual to see if one fits really well.  It's already getting pretty chilly here... The one that fit best was a halloween costume and I don't think he really appreciated it but I think he looks adorable!
 (he should be glad that pink bunny outfit at his feet didn't fit - darn it!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fresh Air At Last!

So finally feeling better and got the dogs out for a walk... of course it's sorta drizzling here - so I made Saul wear a jacket...but he wasn't really a fan, though i thought he was super handsome!  

Saul is a pretty mellow walker and great on the leash. He's happy to meander around checking things out, without pulling too much.  He's pretty easy to walk. 

We also found out this weekend Saul knows the trick "play dead".  Say it and down he goes on his side, all four legs out and eyes closed.  Who knew?!  I still think it's funner to have him roll over! 

something interesting in that bush I'm sure

with a jacket!  i think he looks great... he's not so sure

Monday, October 3, 2011

Who's a great cuddler?

It looks like I've gotten the flu this week sometime and have been pretty under the weather... which the dogs just love, because I've spend alot of time recuperating and sleeping!  Saul loves to be under the covers and is a great foot warmer!  Though he does come out after a while to nap above the covers too.  He has gotten lots of sleep this weekend!

He still gets upset and growly when Cassie comes over and he's under the covers (so he has to get off the bed at that point), On Saturday, when he did that, Sasha (my other dog) started to bark and yell at Saul - so it was quite the upset dog fest and I was just trying to sleep!