Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Yakima Saul!

Saul has made it Yakima!  He was picked up in Federal Way where Carol was fostering him and brought to CleElum by my friend Marta.  We took him to meet my dad and hang out in his yard for a bit before heading back to Yakima. 

Introductions to Sasha went well - little fuss.  He hasn't met the cat Sarah yet.  We took him over to Amber's tonight and he did fine with her dogs though he didn't really want to play.  he did give a littele snarl to Sadie the female who was getting in his face and she just gave it back and that was that.   He pretty much ignored her cats, though he was interested in their food! 

He really likes Cassie who has gotten him to play and gotten some kisses from.  Not yet any for me though he likes the treats i give him.  He will sit and shake for them.  :)  Enjoys the ear rubs and beinbg scratched.   He is a pretty sweet little boy!. 
Checking out my dad's yard
tired after a long day

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