Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer fun in Yakima

Guess who knows how to roll over?  I didnt' teach him this, he knew it already and it's adorable.  Is it wrong to just make him roll over all day?  

Saul is pretty cute... He was pretty mellow all day (it was super hot today in Yakima so we were all pretty much indoors with the air conditioning staying out of the heat) but perked right up when it was treat time. 
Morning Stretches
 Even though it was 100 degrees outside, he would do a 15 minute nap outside after a potty break before coming back inside.
I have a whole yard of grass but he prefers the dirt!

Just being adorable

I love his coat.. when sitting it looks like a heart
Saul really really needs his toenails clipped and I can't find my clippers anywhere!  So, I've been doing alot of feet touching getting him ready until I find them. He is doing really well and will really let me mess with them with no reaction.   I'm gonna give up and buy some new ones this week if I can't find them.  It'll be good to take him out and about to the Pet Store anyway.  I tried the Pedi Paw on him and he was really scared of it - my dog Sasha does great with it but she is used to it.  But he needs clippers anyway - they are getting way out of control!!!

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