Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Snoozin'

Saul had an adventurous day today... went to the pet store!  He met a couple of min pins he seemed to really like and a little poodle gave him the brush off... he had fun though checking out all the toys and snacks and was the perfect gentleman... and I bought him a new dog bed!  He really likes it and slept in on the way home and now its comfortably snoozing in it... though he still likes to have a blanket put over him.

Got an ear up!  Finally managed to get a picture of it!
I saw these at the store... my dog Sasha would so not like them, the eyes and nose are the best part!
 Saul is now completely house trained with the doggie door.  No issues at all and I've left him a few times out while I've had errands and he's been great.

New discovery:  Saul has found that I keep my cats food up on a table.  And yes, he can jump up then for a tasty treat with a nimble leap.  We are working on letting him know that's not okay.  He's a fast learner, he will get it no time, but for now I'm having to keep an eye on if he wanders over to that area.   :)

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