Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nubby Wubby!

So sue me, I just love his little nubby tail!
So off we went again over to Amber's house where Saul got to play in the pool and did a little play with Sadie, one of their dogs.  He really likes their yard and did some running around super fast too.  It took him a little while to warm up to them and it was only when I was out there with them, he started to play.. when I was inside, he mostly just whined to get back in the house.  

When Amber's husband came into the family room where we all were, Saul did some barking and growling at him.  I'm not sure if Saul is not a fan of men in general or just Nate in particular (We did have an incident with Nate the first day Saul was in my care where Nate snuck up on all of us  - not on purpose, we were all just busy doing stuff - but scared me half to death and scared Saul too) but we are going to take him back over there and around other guys to get Saul's ease and trust up. 

Another thing we discovered is that Saul doesn't like anyone but me to touch him while he's sleeping under a blanket, especially when Cassie does it.  So we have been working on that.  He has to get down (he is learning the word down from me) when he does and he is slowing learning that it's not okay to growl under the blanket or he doesn't get to go under there.. and he really wants to go under there.  :)

He is doing really well in his crate... No accidents or complaints.  He's even started to go in there on his own to nap (now that I've put a blanket he can snuggle under).  He's waits really patiently for me to get him out of his crate when I come home, which is great, because it gives me time to get settled and get their food ready without doggies under foot.  Once he's out, he does a bit of jumping and greeting, but he settles fairly quickly so he can eat!
Checking out the yard, looking for the perfect pee spot! (which is usually my irises right to the left of him:)

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