Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mellow Saul takes a moment to be "unmellowed"

Saul went to the vet today and got an exam. The vet says he is 4 years old, not 6 as previously thought.  I'm not sure if he was happy to be out of the vets office or just had some energy to burn - but Saul definately got his play on tonight over at Amber's with her dogs, Sadie and Sasha - check out the video... He is a speedy little fellow when he wants to be. And he seems to like the water well enough.  And when he got home - he passed right out...

We also tried to get him to howl by howling with him tonight when an ambulance went by... poor little Saul - he lifted his head up, opened his mouth and nothing came out at all!  He seems really dissappointed that he coudn't howl with us!

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