Monday, September 5, 2011

The Many Faces of Saul

busy day or two for Saul... He is getting into the routine of things.  He doesn't understand the doggie door yet, but so far is completely housetrained.  He is pretty mellow - though when he thought I wasn't looking, he did some running around the house and got in the play stance (two front legs down, butt in the air) to try to get Sasha to play (she pretended she didn't see).  He loves Cassie and they have been playing alot and he loves the Kong toy.    We've been giving him lots of ear scratches which he loves and when we find the right spot, he is just in heaven. 
When I walked him this afternoon - he met all the neighborhood kids (ages 3 - 12) and he let them pet him and seemed generally uninterested until I gave them some cheese to give him and he became their best friend and the kids had fun getting him to sit and to shake.   He also met the neighboor Fancy - she is a rat terrier/dachshund mix and they did some sniffing and I think she wanted to play but all he did was some weird growl/purring noise at her... I think he was tired after all the kids and hungry... We will try another time. 

how do dogs always find your not put away clothes to lay on?

Love this one - Cassie took all these piuctures.. she takes great pictures!

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