Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crates r Us

Saul is learning to love his crate and now will go in most of the time on command...and is starting to go in on his own.   His blue blankie helps him sleep in there...   and at bedtime I do cover him with the blanket so he can be all cozy. 

Today was also vet day for his final bit of vet care and to get his microchip inserted.. He was very brave though nervous.  He sure was happy to see me afterwords though!   Next we went to the pet store and he had alot of fun sniffing all the bones and food but just couldn't pick one he liked best.  I bought him an antler though so far he hasn't shown any interest in it.  He's not a big chewer of things though.   He did well in the store and with Spot, the owner's little pug dog, though when he had enough of the butt sniffing, he let a small growl out to let Spot know enough was enough.  He did let out a bark when two men came in and was a bit on alert while they were there. 

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